Mega Piranha Water Sprinkler |Inflatable Shade N Play Splash Mat

Piranah Sprinkler
Piranah Sprinkler
Piranah Sprinkler
Piranah Sprinkler
Piranah Sprinkler


Sunsmart Mega Piranha Shade N’ Splash Sprinkler and Splash Pad 5.5′

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The most amazing sprinkler and splash pad for kids and toddlers features four modes of play. The Mega Piranha Sprinkler Shade N’Play Splash Mat allows you to choose the splash play your child would love: Canopy Spray, Mat Spray, Mega Spray (Canopy and Mat Spray) or create a water wonderland with the splash pool. Kids will enjoy this oversized adorable splash mat and sprinkler during hot days. The sprinkler inflates easily. Just attach a garden hose for hours of fun-in-the-sun. The canopy can be placed in two positions: up or down. The canopy helps shade children from the sun on warm days. Easily deflates and closes compactly for storage. This backyard sprinkler splash pad is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Product Features

  • The Mega Sprinkler Splash Pad is 68″ diameter and Canopy 40″ height perfect for kids and toddlers
  • Features all-around spraying action; choose from four modes: Mega Spray, Canopy Spray, Mat Spray, or Splash Pool.
  • Inflatable pool and canopy. Easily adjust the canopy up or down
  • Kids can lay or sit on the splash pad while playing in the water sprinkler and spray pad on hot summer days
  • Just add water – attach to a garden hose. Two adjustable spray valves let you choose the mode of water play
  • Heavy-duty splash pad made from durable and non-toxic PVC and plastic welded seams to ensure strength and durabil

Additional information

Weight 5.9 lbs
Package Dimensions 4.5 × 9 × 11.5 in




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