Swim Goggles

  • AZG14864WHEA - Visionist Swim Goggle

    Visionist Swim Goggle

  • AZG14861BKEA - Stingray Mirrored Swim Goggle

    Stingray Mirrored Swim Goggle

  • AZK14866X2EA - Combination Goggle Set

    Combination Swim Goggle Set

  • AQG1169X3S1_Triton-Series-Goggle_01

    3-Pack – Triton Adult Swim Goggles


Aqua-Leisure has supported swim training, competitive swimming, and water play with protective eyewear for over 50 years. Our collection of Swim Goggles is designed to ensure all your swim lanes are covered; with a variety of styles to help you find the perfect fit. Ranging from recreational to competitive uses, our line of swim goggles is perfect for everyone and anywhere, from the backyard to the Olympic Swimming Pool!