The Intelligent Low-Impact Workout

  • Aqua Fitness Deluxe Floatation Belt in Black

    Deluxe Flotation Belt | Water Aerobics & Fitness Equipment for Pool

  • Aqua Fitness Body Sculpt Ergo Dumbbells in Blue

    Body Sculpt Ergo Dumbbells | Water Aerobics & Fitness Equipment for Pool

  • Sale! BUN21730 Dumbell Hammock Combo

    Train & Recover Dumbbells and Hammock Bundle

  • Deluxe Training System Exercise Combo_Blue

    Deluxe Training System 6-Piece Fitness Set | Water Aerobics & Fitness Equipment for Pool

  • Dynamic Resistance Fitness Noodle

  • Aqua Fitness 3-in-1 Combo Swim Buoy in Black

    3-in-1 Combo Pull-Kick-Swim Kickboard | EVA Foam Swim Training Device


Aqua Fitness: Simply Smart! With so many benefits, working out in the water is the smartest choice to tone the body and lose weight. Why? A water workout engages more muscles and burns more calories than traditional exercise and offers better resistance than air. Who? Whether you’re training or looking to exercise, Aqua Fitness is perfect for everyone!