Swim & Dive

  • Frontier Full Face Mask in black and green

    Frontier – Full Face Snorkeling Mask

  • Markena Tempered Glass Dive Mask in blue/black

    Makena – Tempered Glass Dive Mask

  • Dyna 5 Piece Snorkeling Set Large/Extra Large

    Dyna – 5 Piece Snorkeling Set – Large to Extra Large

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  • Gemini Pro Dive Set in white and blue

    Gemini – Adult Dive Combo Set

  • AZG14864WHEA - Visionist Swim Goggle

    Visionist Swim Goggle

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  • AZG14861BKEA - Stingray Mirrored Swim Goggle

    Stingray Mirrored Swim Goggle

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  • AZK14866X2EA - Combination Goggle Set

    Combination Goggle Set

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  • Dyna Yellow Set

    Dyna – 5 Piece Snorkeling Set – Small to Medium

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  • Ion 5 Piece Snorkeling Set in blue

    Ion – Junior 5 Piece Snorkeling Set

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We believe that water gives us strength and power. From childhood, we are drawn to plunge and explore our way through pools, ponds, lakes, and oceans. With Dolfino and Aqua Swim & Dive, all swim lanes are covered: you’ll find swim gear for the summer splash artist, recreational snorkeler, and competitive swimmer. Dive into our collection of swim masks and swim goggles!