Shipping Program

Aqua-Leisure Recreation, LLC offers a shipping allowance program on qualified IPSSA orders. All orders will be shipped freight pre-paid and added to the invoice. These allowances are based on delivery via one shipment to one location (carrier of Aqua-Leisure’s choice).  Freight can only be deducted from the invoice when it has been pre-paid by Aqua-Leisure and only if payment is made by the due date confirmed at the time of order.  All deductions must be accompanied by the appropriate signed freight bill.  Prepaid freight cannot be calculated with anticipated discounts. Aqua-Leisure reserves the right to ship orders up to 14 +/- days to request date, and Aqua-Leisure reserves the right to pass along fuel surcharges that may be imposed by any freight or trucking company.

Shipping Contract Stipulations

All shipments must be inspected by the Dealer for overages, shortages, and damages prior to signing the delivery receipt. Aqua-Leisure is not responsible for overages, shortages, or damages once the delivery receipt has been signed by the dealer. All shortages and damages should be noted on the delivery receipt. Inspection of goods is the responsibility of the dealer: Aqua-Leisure will not pay for damaged goods not noted on the delivery receipt.

Aqua-Leisure provides a limited warranty on all its products. The Dealer is responsible to review this information and understand what is covered and what is not covered under Aqua-Leisure’s Warranty Policy. This includes but is not limited to: Costs of return shipments to Aqua-Leisure, normal wear and tear. Products used in commercial, rental, or instructional programs are not covered by Aqua-Leisure’s warranty policy.

Non-warranty returns will normally not be accepted. In the unusual instance where a return is required for warranty or non-warranty reason, authorization must be obtained from Aqua-Leisure before the return. All non-warranty returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee in addition to freight costs incurred. Non-warranty returned items will not be accepted under any circumstances unless in condition for sale as new merchandise in original packaging with all original labeling and consumer documentation. Non-warranty return credit will be based on prices prevailing at the time of return or invoiced price; whichever is lower, subject to a 20% restocking fee. Obsolete, closeout, or SMU goods are not returnable under any circumstances.

Backorders will be shipped unless order cancellation is received by fax or email at our Avon, MA office or there is a cancellation date on the original order. Any order modifications must be received by fax or email thirty (30) days prior to the shipment request date. Aqua-Leisure will not be responsible for any incurred freight charges for orders modified after shipment has been made.

All expenses incurred by Aqua-Leisure due to a shipment being improperly refused, including a 20% restocking fee, shall upon demand be promptly reimbursed to Aqua-Leisure by Dealer refusing a shipment.

All shipments qualifying for freight allowances will be shipped via carrier of Aqua-Leisure’s choice. Aqua-Leisure reserves the right to ship orders up to 14 +/- days to request date, and Aqua-Leisure reserves the right to pass along fuel charges imposed by freight or trucking companies.